JOHN VARTAN is an artist of uncommon skill who specializes in the performance of  seventeen middle-eastern musical instruments, including the oud, tahr, kememche, saz, sring, zurna, doudouk,  and kaval.

He collected most of these while traveling in the middle-east, to Armenia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Morocco.  Dr. Vartan possesses one of the largest collections of musical instruments of this kind in the world.  His scholarly acumen regarding their origins and history is demonstrated in the creative manner with which he has mastered each one.



Few others have acquired the expertise he displays in presenting this remarkable collection.  John sings along with, and plays Armenian folkloric music on each instrument.  He has made seven albums and has recorded on more than thirty other professional recordings, including television advertisements and shows, and on movie soundtracks.




John Vartan received his doctorate from New York University in 1984.  He has been teaching at Kean University in Union, New Jersey since 1980.  To his many credits are a lesson book for the doudouk and an instructional video for the oud